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Which is better: Company With A Transparent Rates or Freelancers


Today, finding remote workers or freelancers for a project is not difficult. The main question is: What is better for your company? While freelancers are often attracted by flexibility and low rates, we at Muteki Group know how to combine the convenience of working with a company with transparent rates.

Benefits of Cooperating with Muteki Group 

1. Transparency and Predictability of Costs

We provide our clients with clear price lists that allow you to calculate the cost of a project accurately. This helps you avoid unexpected costs and hidden fees when working with freelancers. You can better plan your budget and avoid surprises thanks to transparent prices.

2. Budget optimisation

Our experts in various industries will help you make the best decisions for your situation. Freelancers often lack the business expertise to provide such flexible solutions.

3. Flexible Management Model

We quickly change our approach if necessary. Unlike large corporations, we can change the development process and optimize solutions in favor of the client. We avoid unnecessary bureaucracy by ensuring quality and transparency, which are legally enshrined.

4. Quality and Reliability

Muteki Group has a staff of qualified specialists working in a well-coordinated team. We adhere to high-quality standards and ensure that projects are launched on time. Freelancers cannot always guarantee consistent quality and timely performance due to limited opportunities or personal occupation, which creates risks.

5. Support and Maintenance

We provide comprehensive customer support, including consultation, technical support, and post-project maintenance. You can always count on us to help you with problems or changes. Freelancers are often limited to a specific task and may be unable to provide long-term support.

6. Legal Security

Cooperation with Muteki Group provides legal protection, as all terms of cooperation are fixed in the contract. This minimizes risks and helps to avoid misunderstandings. For freelancers, such agreements may need to be clarified, which increases the risk of disputes.

7. Stability and Partnership

We value our reputation and are focused on long-term partnerships with our clients. This ensures sustainability and the possibility of continuous project development and improvement. Freelancers mostly work temporarily, which makes it difficult to maintain long-term relationships.


Working with Muteki Group, you get cost predictability, high-quality services, reliable support, and legal protection. Outsourcing software development to a reliable contractor allows you to focus on your business's development. Our flexible cooperation model allows you to make changes quickly if necessary.

While freelancers are useful for individual tasks, companies with a transparent pricing policy offer significant advantages for long-term and large-scale projects.

Muteki Group is a reliable contractor for your business's digital solutions and transformation. We combine the benefits of freelancers (transparent rates and flexible processes) with the advantages of working with a company (legal responsibility, quality, compliance with standards, and an integrated approach).

Choose Muteki Group and unlock new opportunities for your business!


Muteki Group is a full-cycle software development company that has successfully completed 100+ AI projects for startups and enterprises since 2015. Our 80+ member team covers everything from the discovery phase to support. We are located in Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Japan, Canada, UAE, and the USA. 

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