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How to Choose a Dedicated Team for AI Product Development


Artificial intelligence (AI) led to an IT revolution, transforming technologies for the foreseeable future. According to statistics, the use of AI has climbed 270% in the past four years, and a Forbes study predicts a 37% growth in the rate of use of AI between 2023 and 2030. These data don't imply that AI has replaced human workers. It mentioned that they use AI technology for process automation, machine learning, and predictive analytics. As a result, the company may focus on strategic duties while maintaining uninterrupted repetitive tasks. The AI movement has been with us for a long time, and if your company still needs to apply AI achievements in its work, now is the time to consider it.

AI is causing changes in the procedures of numerous companies and industries worldwide, automating many repetitive and time-consuming jobs that previously needed significant time and human effort. As a result, using AI in software development is a winning strategy and a developing trend in the coming years. You must hire a dedicated development team to create a unique solution for your company. This article is about how to do it right.

Benefits of using AI product development

Using AI technologies requires planning, money, and experience. However, it is worth it; AI software development involves various adjustments that allow you to optimize internal processes, improve the decision-making process and product quality. In this section, we'll go over how developments in AI are speeding up the creation and evolution of technology.

AI can conduct market studies. Analyzing customer data, industry trends, and competitor analysis is hard work, and AI allows you to move swiftly through this step.

Product prototyping uses algorithms to generate many design options based on given parameters.

Individualization. AI can deliver customized product setups and build advertising campaigns based on previous choices by studying user activity.

Forecasting demand. You can use AI to forecast demand and market trends. All of this helps to adjust output schedules.

Test and Evaluation. AI can be a reliable assistant throughout the testing stage, analyzing test data, identifying patterns, and predicting future problems.

Innovations and developments. AI may analyze scientific data and patterns and produce ideas based on them to help your organization innovate faster.

Five steps of how to hire developers for AI product development

As you can see, using AI's results lets you take a step forward in quality and get ahead of your competitors when you start a product. Hiring a team for AI model development is the first step in this path. Please focus on the five steps below to get it correct.

1. List the business tasks and goals you wish to accomplish with AI. Before employing a team, focusing on the objectives and discussing them with prospective contractors is critical.

2. Describe the project's required skills and competencies (technical knowledge, experience). At this point, you must be clear about the expertise you need (programming languages, libraries, platforms, etc).

3. Compare the benefits of in-house development vs outsourcing. Hiring in-house specialists concerns workspace organization, taxation, and other legal obligations. Hiring an outsourced workforce can help you save time and money while giving you access to a more extensive range of experience.

4. Schedule an interview with a potential contractor. It is better to look at companies with experience in your field because every industry has nuances. It's also a good idea to consider the company's previous experience working with different countries because communication and cultural context are crucial.

5. Consider a specific project while choosing a contract (fixed price, hourly rate, or dedicated team). Each sort of contract is appropriate for a particular purpose. Hiring a team is expensive but offers the most long-term rewards.

Advantages of the dedicated team model

A dedicated team is ideal for companies that require flexibility in their work and projects that require long-term collaboration. Let us consider the benefits of a dedicated team.

Economic aspect. With a dedicated team, you can find full-time workers for less than what it would cost to hire full-time employees. First, such a salary disparity links to a lower standard of living in other countries. Second, there is no need to budget for administrative costs (such as workspace, sick leave, vacations, etc). All of the above is the service provider's duty; you must pay for the employee's working hours.

Continuous integration. Dedicated teamwork on long-term projects gives the team some or all of its freedom. The project manager or team leader will provide thorough project status information, but the customer will only need to check it occasionally online.

Maximum concentration on the project. Of course, you can close the simple features with the help of freelancers. However, it is only about a dedicated team regarding dedication and constant work. Remember that freelancers can swap between projects, whereas dedicated teams can only work on one.

Team management must be transparent. The customer has complete authority over the dedicated staff, assigning tasks and establishing priorities. This method of collaboration allows modifications swiftly, and the project can go forward.

These teams achieve high independence by focusing on continuous integration. Team productivity and unity rise most due to their concentrated focus on the subject. When all of this is integrated, it adds to the successful implementation of all concepts and long-term technical goals in a project.

Our experience with dedicated teams

Muteki Group's primary area of expertise is the development of web and mobile applications based on AI technology development. We have been delivering dedicated team services for the past five years: we decide on people based on the client's time zone and the project's needs. Our legal department assists in correctly writing contracts, ensuring that your idea and the parties' interests are fully safeguarded. Our customers come from all over the world, so we've had to learn to adapt to varied specializations, locations, and cultural differences throughout the years. Each industry has nuances; our business developers know how to find and capitalize on them.

We agree that AI product development looks promising and that it is critical to incorporate advances into business; otherwise, your competitors will. Contact us, and our experts can advise you on the AI development potential for your company.


Muteki Group is a full-cycle software development company that has successfully completed 100+ AI projects for startups and enterprises since 2015. Our 80+ member team covers everything from the discovery phase to support. We are located in Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Japan, Canada, UAE, and the USA. 

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