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Software development office Muteki Group

About us

At Muteki Group we create an environment for growth.

We help businesses to expand, to use opportunities, to adapt and transform by providing high quality AI based web and mobile development.

We always value our customers and employees, connecting passionate engineers with ambitious clients.

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Company Today

For the past years, we transformed from offshoring software development company to the full cycle RnD vendor with Representatives in Ukraine, Poland, Japan, Canada, USA.


Our team is fully distributed now and consists of 80 employees who are located in Ukraine, Poland, Japan, Canada, USA, Thailand which means we can cover almost any timezone and provide smooth communication for our customers worldwide


We are developing products that bring value and change the world for a better place, that is our Company’s Vision.

Our core offering is AI based web and mobile applications and custom RnD projects combining hardware and software parts in different business domains including but not limited to retail, fashion, healthcare, recycling, logistics, construction and other.

Meet the Founders

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Katerina Gurba CEO at Muteki Group

Katerina Gurba

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Having an education in Rocket Science and Program management, empowered with 10+ years of experience in Software development building tech solutions and scaling companies, now is successfully developing the company, forming new trends and discovering new markets

Viktoriia Maksymova COO at Muteki Group

Viktoriia Maksymova

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Having an outstanding experience in Economics, Finance and International relationships combining with 8+ years in Software development industry is now leading the company in all operational activities foreseeing market changes and applying best practices for further company growth

Management Team

Marharyta Naumova Senior Operational Manager at Muteki Group

Marharyta Naumova
Senior Operational Manager

Dmitry Umanskyi Senior AI Manager

Dmitry Umanskyi
Senior AI Manager

Kateryna Brezytska Partnership Manager at Muteki Group

Kateryna Brezhytskaya
Partnership Manager

Maxim Tkachenko Head of IT at Muteki Group

Maxim Tkachenko
Head of IT

Megumi Hino Okumura Project Coordinator at Muteki Group

Megumi Hino Okumura 
Project Coordinator

Henry Ogbuagu Partnership Manager at Muteki Group

  Henry Ogbuagu

Partnership Manager

USA, Boston

Aiko Sato Senior Manager at Muteki Group

Aiko Sato
Senior Manager

Anna Kulinskaya Project Manager at Muteki Group

 Anna Kulinskaya

Project Manager

Oleg Manko Partnership Manager at Muteki Group

Oleg Manko
Partnership Manager
USA, Florida

Our Vision

Sustainable Development Goals are the basic principles we follow

We actively invest in talented young startups

We develop innovative products for different regions to solve their problems in various business domains 

We are committed to supporting business in developing countries

​We develop products for elderly care & recycling domains

We strive to create opportunities and jobs for everyone, equality is an intergal part 

We do not develop projects that are contrary to the principles of SDG's 

We actively support women entrepreneurs 

We share belief in sustainable cities and communities

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