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The "State in a Smartphone" - “Diia Ukraine”


Bureaucracy is a waste of time and nerves, and it annoys everyone. However, Ukrainians are getting as close as possible to saving themselves from it. We are now talking about “Diia Ukraine”, the state in a smartphone, and it is indeed a kind of salvation. Let's look at why!

Diia is a part of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and the app's name is an acronym for "The State and Me"(Ukrainian language). The main concept is to simplify obtaining public services for citizens and their maximum transfer to online mode. For citizens, it saves time and nerves; for the state, it saves the budget and reduces corruption.

The most popular services in Diia:

  1. The most popular are digital documents. Ukraine became the first country in the world to have a digital passport with the same validity as its paper or plastic counterpart. According to statistics, Ukrainians use 4.7 million ID cards, 12.2 million passports, and 6.6 million driving licenses in Diia.

  2. Ukraine is the fourth country in Europe to have digital driving licenses. Drivers can also pay a fine or transfer a car to a relative or friend in the app.

  3. Registration of sole traders and LLCs on the Diia portal takes 10 minutes and is the fastest business registration in the world. Over 260,000 Ukrainians have started a business through Diia.

All electronic versions of documents stored in the application, including passports, ID cards, taxpayer codes, driver's licenses, and child's birth certificates, are stored in the offline version. Currently, over 18.5 million Ukrainians use Diia.

Diia during the war

Since 2024, digitalization has become the basis for the effective work of the state. Diia became the link that connected the state and the people. Citizens could receive financial assistance in case of displacement across the country, apply for compensation for damages, and receive unemployment benefits. In addition, Diia launched Diia.TV and Diia.Radio, and added the ability to donate to help the army.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation also created the eVorog chatbot. Anyone with a smartphone could report the location of military equipment or report on collaborators or minefields. Statistics show that almost half a million Ukrainians used the chatbot.

Diia launched military bonds in the app, which is also an opportunity to help the army. According to the data, 215,000 bonds were purchased in a few months.

Portal Diia. Business

We cannot bypass the topic of enterprise in Ukraine. The war did not stop; people opened businesses created jobs, and some enterprises migrated from the country's east to safe cities and reopened. Diia has become a light in this stream of chaos because you can open a business in the app in 10 minutes and start working.

In addition, within the framework of Portal.Diia, get a grant for your own business, take advanced training courses and structure business information. This kind of unique catalog compiles information on loans, government assistance application processes, searching for investors and partners, and programs for women-owned businesses. All information is verified, which greatly facilitates the start of novice entrepreneurs.

What awaits Diia soon

The Minister of Digital Information of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, announced the services that will be available in the app in the near future.

  1. Customs clearance of cars in Diia. As a result of digitalization, the cost will be calculated only based on the car's stable characteristics, reducing the corruption flow.

  2. Online marriage. During the war, couples are in different parts of Ukraine, men and women are at the front, so thanks to this service, Ukrainians can get married without even leaving home.*

  3. Services for veterans. Without bureaucracy and queues, people can get the online status of a combatant or a family member of the deceased Defender.

  4. Patient's office. This service will allow you to sign a declaration with your family doctor.

Also, Diia recently announced that it is working on putting in place an AI-based helper called Nadia to help the call center answer questions faster.

* The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers passed this resolution on March 30, 2024. The service's plan says that Ukrainians who want to register their marriage must send an application to Diya. After that, a Department of Civil Acts Registration worker will conduct the ceremony via video chat.

Diya also added educational papers at the end of March 2024. Today, the application has more than 30 services and 14 documents.

Diia officially Open Source

On Diia's fourth anniversary, Mikhail Fedorov announced that "Diia will become an open-source product." The Minister stressed that this should have happened earlier, following the example of other progressive countries, but the war made its own adjustments.

In mid-March 2024, Diya made its code available to everyone. So, inspecting, evaluating, and using it for personal development goals is now possible. Users can also suggest new features. This program code can also be used by other countries that want to improve their government services. People visiting the Diya website can see the code, read it, and agree to the license terms. 

Also, the open-source code is posted on GitHub so that anybody can use it. It includes many programming languages, such as JavaScript, Kotlin, and Swift. The open-source package includes mobile application code, core logic, and license terms.

It is important to note that the Diia is completely safe for users. Ukrainian citizens' data security is ensured as open source does not grant access to registries.


At the end of January, a new ambitious project from the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the authors of Diia became known. This is Mriya, an app for parents and children. This project is about equality, the opportunity for children from any family to get an education and fulfill themselves. 

The project aims to make navigating school and beyond easier for kids, parents, and teachers. It will quickly and accurately point out important things that need a child to be focused on. The app will have a library of carefully chosen content specific to each kid. It will also have information about educational programs, classes, video materials, clubs, events, and activities outside of school. 

The application will recommend a customized educational path for each child based on their talents and aspirations. With this app, every kid will have their own school portfolio that shows off their accomplishments and goals for the future. Not only does it include a child's grades, but it also includes all of their different activities, like competitions, tutoring, personal projects, sports achievements, and more.

"Mriya" also wants to make things easier for teachers by getting rid of paperwork that isn't needed. This will give teachers more time to focus on their students' growth and development.

We are waiting for the presentation of the project to tell more. At the moment, it is known that there will be many technological surprises and opportunities to learn conveniently.


Like all Ukrainians, we are proud of Diia. We tell people abroad about it, teach our grandmothers how to use it and pass face verification. Diia has shown that it is easy to communicate with the state and that it is possible to make complex things simple.

Similarly, Diia's example shows that any business or service can be turned into an easy-to-use mobile app. If complicated government procedures can be made easier to follow, then any business idea has a lot of potential to become a reality. If you want to make a mobile app for your business, it's a good idea to start by looking into what's new in IOS development. After all, knowing what's going on is the best way to get ahead.

By the way, Diia has a thing called voting. Usually, they hold social surveys or decide who will go to the Eurovision Song Contest. However, like all Ukrainians, we dream of seeing a poll where we will celebrate Victory Day. It will happen for sure!


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