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Japan IT Week: our experience

Muteki Group at Japan IT Week

Japan IT Week: Technologically thrilling, with many ideas in one location.

There was a vast array of companies, delightful acquaintances, and innovations! We're thrilled with all the connections, and it was an experience we'll certainly repeat!

We want to inform you that new rules for exhibitions in Japan prohibit the sale of services by visitors. At the moment, visitors are unable to offer their services for sale at the exhibition. However, exhibitors who have set up their stands can engage with potential customers and decide which individuals or companies they want to do business with. They have the ability to scan the badges of those who catch their attention and express interest in their products or services.

This innovative approach is one that other countries should take note of. With the overload of advertising materials and information that typically occurs at conferences, finding ways to streamline the process is important. Japan's approach is a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable and efficient future for meetings and events.


Muteki Group is a full-cycle software development company that has successfully completed 100+ AI projects for startups and enterprises since 2015. Our 80+ member team covers everything from the discovery phase to support. We are located in Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Japan, Canada, UAE, and the USA. 

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