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Muteki Group Earns Trust and Recognition from VenCapital and Venture Capital

We are delighted to be trusted and recognized by Vencapital, an investor accelerator based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Thank you for recommending us as a technology vendor for the startups you work with. 

We appreciate ff Venture Capital, the most engaged technology venture capital firm in New York City, for mentioning our company in their startup community.

Muteki Group has extensive expertise working with startups, from the idea stage to successful implementation and growth. We provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs, helping them refine their ideas, develop robust business plans, and secure the necessary funding. Our team of experts is well-versed in market research, product development, and strategic planning, ensuring that startups have a solid foundation upon which to build.

We constantly strive to help our customers grow their businesses and achieve their goals by leveraging the power of AI solutions. At Muteki Group, customer success is indeed one of our top priorities. 

If you have a groundbreaking idea and are looking for a partner to help you navigate the startup journey, Muteki Group is here!


Muteki Group is a full-cycle software development company that has successfully completed 100+ AI projects for startups and enterprises since 2015. Our 80+ member team covers everything from the discovery phase to support. We are located in Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Japan, Canada, UAE, and the USA. 

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