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Empowering your business 

with AI

Our company focus is AI-based mobile and web applications

We are innovative, agile and reliable partner.


MVP of an AI-Based Product

AI-Based Web/Mobile App Development

AI & ML Empowering of your Product

Современная архитектура

Since 2015

Through technological diversity and despite cultural differences we provide the best and optimal solutions to our clients.

We are here to empower your business

Through value
to results

At Muteki Group we combine profound programming knowledge with Agile methodology and great commitment to quality of work.

We have proven experience in successful cooperation with remote clients - both start-ups, and small to medium-size enterprises.

Our team consists of more than 80 experienced engineers, who works as a part of client’s own business with its value system and goals aligned.
Our Services

Our Services

IT staffing

Product development

Business and Product support

Digital Transformation 

Featured Projects

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