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Empowering your business 

with AI

Our company focus is AI-based mobile and web applications

We are innovative, agile and reliable partner.


MVP of an AI-Based Product

AI-Based Web/Mobile App Development

AI & ML Empowering of your Product

Since 2015

Through technological diversity and despite cultural differences we provide the best and optimal solutions to our clients in Web, Mobile, AI, ML for Retail, E-commerce, Healthcare, Logistics, Travel, Fashion, Education, PropTech, Green Engineering and Recycling  industries

Through value
to results

At Muteki Group we combine profound programming knowledge with Agile methodology and great commitment to quality of work.

We have proven experience in successful cooperation with remote clients - both start-ups, and small to medium-size companies.

Our team consists of more than 80 experienced engineers, who are ready to work on your projects 
Our Services

How we can help you

Business analysis and consulting

At any stage of your product, our team is ready to support you by validating your idea or consult on Web, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Business analysis

Featured Projects

We are working with both start-ups and well-established companies providing software development services and dedicated teams

Custom software development

Digital Transformation

With digital transformation your business can work faster, be expanded easily, be less time consuming and more transparent and productive
Our expertise lies in:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NN, Face recognition, OCR, Computer Vision, NLP, Big Data, Audio ML, Image/ Video processing, DSP

Artificial Intelligence

Latest projects

Dubai based Fashion-Tech startup 
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, PHP, React, AWS Lambda, S3, Sagemaker, Personalize, Kinesis Data, Docker, Kubernetes
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