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Why hiring a dedicated development team in Ukraine is still a good idea: answers to all your fears

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Find a dedicated development team from Ukraine for your company: attractive rates, a responsible approach to work, a strong technology stack. Contact us to discuss!
Objection handling with hiring a dedicated development team from Ukraine

Over the previous decade, the Ukrainian IT industry has advanced significantly, increasing the number of experienced developers. Ukrainian IT specialists are tech-savvy individuals, who are committed to working with international companies; the rates of said specialists are also advantageous to Western firms. Although martial law has made this pitch less enticing, every potential consumer carefully considers whether or not to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine.

We recommend considering the market and determining whether the risks are worth losing a strong team.

Market Overview

COVID-19 has had a good influence on the country by raising the number of qualified IT specialists, and the pandemic has nearly increased the number of workers in the IT field. Nonetheless, during the full-scale invasion, the industry faced various problems, including fundamental worker safety, mobilization hazards, internal relocations, and even migration. This list grew considerably longer throughout the winter, including intentional power outages and blackouts.

No risk manager could have imagined such a list, yet despite all of this, the Ukrainian IT market was the only one that remained afloat and did not fall into the red. Of course, Djinni statistics show that the market declined 13%, but when war and all the hazards listed above are taken into account, it is an indication that foreign consumers still chose Ukrainian specialists despite the war. We appreciate your assistance!

The state’s initiative to support the learning of IT professions and a course toward turning the country into a digital one is a positive sign for the sector. This will lead to the appearance of new talents on freelance websites and the growth of self-employed individuals.

Ukrainian IT as an economic front of the state

Despite all the obstacles from russia, companies keep working, attracting new projects, and developers support the country by investing money, paying taxes, and making donations for the frontline. Additionally, programmers and non-technical specialists in the industry rallied together in the first weeks of the war, forming a real Ukrainian IT army to counter the enemy in the information environment. To stabilize the situation, we took care of the safety of our workers, bought generators to ensure electrical power, and Starlink to provide stable internet connection and communication with clients. All offices were suitable for the new situation and in case of an air-raid alarm, all employees were relocated to the bomb shelter. Those measures allowed to maintain the safe fulfillment of the commitments written in the contracts.

Why it is worth hiring a dedicated development team in Ukraine

Expertise. Ukrainian developers work throughout the entire technology stack. It makes no difference in which language the project is currently being planned or developed; on the Ukrainian IT market, you will undoubtedly find a dedicated development team. Working with numerous programming languages, instruments, and frameworks is a part of the IT sector in Ukraine. Quite an advantage to working with Ukrainians is adaptability and flexibility, which allow them to adapt to various project and business requirements.

Education and knowledge of foreign languages. Ukraine has a sufficiently high level of teaching technical specialties. IT companies support the educational development of their employees and encourage them to acquire new skills and technologies. Some IT companies also have a mentorship system that helps the growth of professionalism inside their businesses. The industry has a high degree of English proficiency, which makes it easier to establish commercial relationships and interact directly with customers on a professional level.

Rates. The hourly rate of Ukrainian developers has risen in recent years, but the price-to-quality ratio is worth it.

Eagerness to work. Solving complex problems and growing as a specialist through the challenges is a national portrait of Ukrainian developers. Hiring a remote dedicated development team in Ukraine means having the resources to implement innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

Resilience. Despite the horrors of war and geopolitical crises, Ukrainians have demonstrated adaptation, resilience, and the ability to provide outstanding services. This is a solid indication that a focused staff from Ukraine is an ideal choice for long-term collaboration.

International collaboration models. Ukrainian developers have been working for years in the Western market, focusing on popular project management techniques like Scrum, Agile, Kanban, etc. The overwhelming amount of positive feedback demonstrates that our employees also know how to communicate with international partners.

The Ukrainian IT sector is always changing. New companies are joining the market from within the country, and this competition forces us to strengthen our expertise and soft skills, as well as do all it takes to stay ahead of competitors. Furthermore, the war has opened up new avenues for industry development, especially military technology and cybersecurity.

Work with doubts about choosing a Ukrainian development team

So, we outlined the advantages of working with Ukrainian developers and also mentioned that the IT business is constantly evolving. It is now time to address potential clients’ worries about hiring a dedicated development team in Ukraine.

1. Lack of communication with the team

Our offices and remote-working specialists are fully adapted to potential unforeseeable situations due to the war. We have invested in generators and Starlink systems.

2. Mobilization

As mentioned earlier, the IT sector serves as an economic front for the country, so the likelihood of mobilization is relatively low. Moreover, certain professions have a form of exemption from military service, allowing employees to stay focused on their work.

3. Employee emigration

Many Ukrainian developers are currently working abroad. We can assemble an effective team for you in a secure location. If there are concerns about an employee wanting to emigrate and the risk of project downtime, we can provide replacements during the emigration period.

4. Data security regarding the project idea and implementation

Our company's legal department signs an NDA with all employees.

5. Relocating the specialist within the country

In the case of internal relocations, we assist the employee in adapting to the new location to ensure work continuity during times of war.

6. Changes in-laws within the country during wartime

Given that the Muteki group is also officially registered in Estonia, changes in Ukrainian legislation have no impact on our agreements.


If you are in search of a dedicated company with a strong technological stack and timely delivery of solutions, then hiring a dedicated development team from Ukraine is the right choice. Despite the war, Ukrainian developers offer a profitable and reliable option for collaboration, ensuring the full technical realization of your idea. Contact us if you are looking for a trustworthy contractor with a reputable presence in the international market.

Hiring a team from Ukraine is a way to support the country in this war and bring victory closer. Every evil story has an end, and the people of Ukraine deserve a fair end to this war and a bright future for their country!

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