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Project Hiring

Oustaff specialists to join your team

This service is created for those who want to avoid hiring risks or those who are pressed for time.











What you can count on 

  • Hiring stress and mess free

  • Up to 1 week to start a project

  • A pool of 100+ professional experts

With Muteki Group, you will interview matching candidates and start off with your project within just a week. Our solid hiring background is based on an extensive recruitment experience, our strong team, professional tools and a pool of candidates.

Общественное рабочее пространство

Get your candidate

Either you have accurate requirements or business idea only

Прозрачная текстура

We cover the following expertises and technology stack:

  • Java,

  • Python, 

  • PHP,

  • JavaScript, 

  • Android, IOS,

  • React Native, Flutter,

  • C++,

  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science

  • Project Management,             

  • Business Analysis,

  • DevOps, 

  • Software testing

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