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M&A Consulting

We specializes in local and cross border Strategy Mergers and Acquisitions

We accompany our clients confidentially throughout the complete deal transaction, from defining Acquisition and Investment Strategy, identifying the right targets and hidden opportunities, buffering you from direct early negotiations up to the completion of the deal.

We will make your M&A deal smooth and successful by providing outstanding consulting services and implementing our expertise and international best practices.

Our team consists of highly experienced lawyers, consultants and business development managers with proven expertise in international law, business consulting and Mergers & Acquisition deals.

We work closely with Japanese clients, JASIPA organization and Ukrainian IT Association. That give us possibilities to cooperate directly with Top Japanese companies and Corporations.

We combine our experience and knowledge with our Ukrainian market networking to strengthen the presence of Japanese companies that aim to access the Ukrainian market. We offer a professional, discreet and reliable representation. 


Muteki Group can support your growth strategies by:


  • Defining or implementing your acquisition strategy and the target criteria.

  • Identifying hidden attractive and high-growth companies synergistic to your core business.

  • Performing savvy research & analysis, modeling the deal and assisting in Due-Diligence efforts. 

  • Assessing and bridging cultural differences to minimize M&A risk.

  • Connecting you to the most cutting edge and innovative Ukrainian Technologies.

  • Expanding your geographic presence by acquiring/partnering with private SME.

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