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AI-powered solution that provides personalized shopping experience

Dubai based Fashion-Tech startup 
UI/UX design, web development, AI, ML, QA
Retail, Fashion
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, PHP, React, AWS Lambda, S3, Sagemaker, Personalize, Kinesis Data, Docker, Kubernetes

About the project

The project is an AI powered web system that stores and analyzes data such as clients' preferences, previous purchases, and more than 100 data points in total in order to provide personalized fashion suggestions for men and women.

The suggested outfits are formed from more than 50 brands and are delivered within several days without any stylist and delivery fees.


Fashion retail, both physical and online has hardly any personalization and uses very  little data and technology when offering products. At the same time, over 70% of  consumers expect personalized shopping experience. 

The product offers personalization and at the same time the shopping convenience for  people that don’t like shopping or don’t have time for it. 


The solution is a web platform that automates the process of collecting and analysing of customers' data. Based on the collected data, the AI system can generate in several seconds hundreds of personalised outfits from more than 50 brands. Our team worked in close cooperation with a stylist to train the AI system. 


Upon completion of the project


the client gets a fully scalable solution 


AI solution generates hundreds of outfits in several seconds


the system collects, stores and analyses 100 customers' data points


developed AI solution boosted productivity


the system increased data transparency and improved customer journey

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